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Alternative A Frame

Moving A/C Units on Roof Tops has NEVER Been Easier

Alternative A Frame System | HVAC Lift

The Alternative A Frame System, (U.S. Utility Patent 9,592,998), is a very cost effective solution for rolling AC Units around on roof tops. Stop sending your profit out the door with excessing crane rentals and helicopter expenses. Put that profit in your pocket!

The Alternative A Frame System, (U.S. Utility Patent 9,592,998), has the following capabilities and features:

  • 3,500 lbs. capacity
  • 12′ Spreader Bar
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Tires
  • Includes full instructions
  • Rigging Kit upon request

How much could you be saving?

Use the handy calculator below to see just how much profit you could be keeping in your pocket by having the Aternative A Frame available for jobs where you don’t really need a crane operator all day long.

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Our Alternative 2 Wheel System. This System can be used to move Package Units weighing 2000 lbs. or less easily on rooftops. 

Want to reduce or eliminate the costs of cranes?

Every time you have to hire a crane operator or helicopter pilot to set in HVAC Units on Rooftops you are sending profits out the door. Our Alternative A Frame System is a very cost effective and easy-to-use system for rolling hvac units around on rooftops.